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To get the most out of your Deck The Nails nail polish strips, check out these tips and suggestions.

For application instructions, go to our Learn page.


Tip #1 - "Cap" your nail tips

The first place nail polish strips begin to chip is right at the ends of the fingernails. Use a clear nail polish top coat to "cap" the tips of your fingernails to help prevent chipping. See how in this video:



Tip #2 - Reseal your nail strips

Because you will only use 5-10 nail strips for each manicure or pedicure, you can preserve the remaining nail strips by resealing the package with a flat iron in order to keep the dry air out. If the package remains open, the nail strips will dry out and will become brittle and no longer adhere to your nails


Tip #3 - Use within 1 year

Even unopened packages of nail polish strips can slowly dry out. To avoid this, use any nail polish strips within 1 year of purchase. Quality cannot be guaranteed after 1 year.


Tip #4 - Little girls' nails

Because young girls have smaller fingernails, nail polish designs that are thicker will not stick well to their nails. These include coarse glitters and some designs. Choose designs that are thinner and have a better chance of molding to your little girls' nails. Thinner nail strips include: solids, fine glitters, ombres, and a few select designs. We are continually updating our list of designs that work well for little girls. These designs will be listed here and on the "Little Girls" page located in the Main Menu.